Tested Proven Effective

The only k-12 proven-evidence based curricula taught in the united states by police officers.

The LEAD the Way Initiative was formed in order to raise awareness and much needed funds to address the drug and opioid crisis we face today.  Our children have the right to a life free of substance abuse, despair, and violence.  In the Tri-State area we have lost over 10,000 of our friends, family members, and neighbors to drug overdoses in 2016.  In New Jersey, the CDC reports, drug overdose deaths are up 42.3%.

Our Children deserve a proven effective education/ prevention curriculum that provides them with the critical information and skills they need to live healthy lives free of substance abuse and violence.

Our L.E.A.D. instructors provide the only tested and proven effective, evidence based, K-12 anti-drug/anti-violence curriculum delivered by law enforcement.  L.E.A.D. directly addresses opioids in its curriculum and we are currently in 340 communities here in New Jersey.  Our L.E.A.D. officers are the last line of defense in our schools.

If you are on this page, you may have already met one of our L.E.A.D. Program Awareness representatives in your community They are there to raise awareness and help us raise funds to address a drug and opioid epidemic that requires our collective immediate response.

Your support is appreciated and will assist L.E.A.D. and local communities like yours, in three ways

  • Your donation will assist and subsidize L.E.A.D. agencies with obtaining student workbooks.
  • Your donation will subsidize training cost for new L.E.A.D. trainings, update trainings, and training conferences.
  • Your donation will provide donated toys and other items directly to L.E.A.D. agencies and communities right here in New Jersey.

If you do not have L.E.A.D. in your community please call our office at (609) 259-2500.  We would be eager to contact your local police department to provide them further information.

LEAD partner Liam Raredon and two future LEADers at the Staples in Hamilton.  Thanks for the generous support!

L.E.A.D. Shout Out

A generous supporter who made a $200 donation to our L.E.A.D
Program Awareness Specialist, Janet, in front of GameStop in Freehold on May 8th, 2018.

Shout Out for Mayor David R. Mayer, Gloucester Township!

The Mayor made a generous donation to our L.E.A.D. Program Development Team on Saturday, October 6th. Thank you for your generous support of our L.E.A.D. efforts in Gloucester Township and thank you for making always making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Thank you Ray Pastore for your generous donation and your support or our L.E.A.D. efforts!

New Jersey Locations For The Week Of 10/15/18 – 10/21/18

Location Address City Zipcode General Manager Manager on Duty
Tractor Supply 701 Route 534 Allentown 08021 Otto Otto
Panera Bread 136 Nassau St Princeton 08081 Miguel Miguel
The UPS Store 129 North County Line Rd Jackson 08501 Kishor Kishor
Qdoba 140 Nassau Princeton 08542 Melissa  Melissa
Five Below 221 Nassau Princeton 08540 Jen Jen
7 Eleven 21 Stokes Rd Medford Lakes 08055 Dwhanni Dwhanni
Pet Valu 1636 NJ-38 Lunberton 08048 Nicole Nicole
Pet Value 18 Broadway St Browns Mills 08015 Joe Joe

Maryland Locations For The Week Of 10/15/18 – 10/21/18

Location Address City Zipcode General Manager Manager on Duty
Royal Farms 1601 E Churchville Rd Bel Air 21014 Maryanne Maryanne
Seasons Pizza 5 Bel Air South Parkway Bel Air 21014 Debra Debra
Petco 5 Bel Air South Parkway Bel Air 21014 Kevin Kevin
7-Eleven 602 S Philadelphia Blvd Aberdeen 21001 Bippin Bippin
Safeway 225 Brierhill Dr Bel Air 21014 Mark Mark
Shop Rite 223 Morth Main St Bel Air 21014 Craig Craig
Shop Rite 5 Bel Air South Parkway Bel Air 21014 Fran Fran
Gamestop 1022 Beards Hill Rd Aberdeen 21001 Jason Jason


Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.


We are providing available supporter static stickers that can be placed on and off easily. Our Development Specialist will be selling them throughout the state of New Jersey for $5.00 and allocate $1.00 of every sticker sale sold, to that local community. We will ensure that a portion of the proceeds gets allocated for local L.E.A.D. activities.

If a local L.E.A.D. Chapter wants to use it for a local fundraiser, we ask that the sticker also be sold for $5.00.

However, the sticker will also be on sale for $5.00 through our Merchandise Company for you to distribute to supporters in your community.

We have two vendors which we utilize for our recycling program. Any Officer who assists in securing a location for the placement of a clothing recycling container will receive a special credit to their allocated account.

Please call 609-468-3215 for more info!