Congratulations to Rutherford NJ Police Chief John Russo

Congratulations to Rutherford NJ Police Chief John Russo on his swearing in as President of the Bergen County Police Chiefs Association @ The BCPCA is one of the largest County Chiefs Associations in the United States. Chief Russo is a tremendous L.E.A.D. supporter with a very large L.E.A.D unit. L.E.A.D Chairman Chief Robert Kugler , Executive Director Nick DeMauro and Director William Schievella were on hand to support Chief Russo and the BCPA ! — at The Venetian Catering.


We are providing available supporter static stickers that can be placed on and off easily. Our Development Specialist will be selling them throughout the state of New Jersey for $5.00 and allocate $1.00 of every sticker sale sold, to that local community. We will ensure that a portion of the proceeds gets allocated for local L.E.A.D. activities.

If a local L.E.A.D. Chapter wants to use it for a local fundraiser, we ask that the sticker also be sold for $5.00.

However, the sticker will also be on sale for $5.00 through our Merchandise Company for you to distribute to supporters in your community.

We have two vendors which we utilize for our recycling program. Any Officer who assists in securing a location for the placement of a clothing recycling container will receive a special credit to their allocated account.

Please call 609-468-3215 for more info!