The 3rd Annual 21st Century Drug & Violence Prevention Training Conference

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The 3rd Annual

21st Century Drug & Violence

Prevention Training Conference sponsored by L.E.A.D. will be held

 March 18, 19, 20


 Harrah’s Conference Center in Atlantic City, NJ.

The conference will begin on Sunday, March 18, with a full day of curricula training and a large reception with Entertainment.

On Monday, March 19, we will kick off with Opening Ceremonies and a Keynote speaker (TBD). Our Supporters’ Luncheon will be held with extensive workshops planned in the afternoon. An elaborate reception with Entertainment will follow in the evening.

On Tuesday, March 20, we will be hosting a huge Symposium focused on the issue of the Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana. We have retained the services of an international expert, Dr John Carnevale to facilitate the Symposium. Dr Carnevale has been issuing policy briefs on this issue throughout the world. This Symposium will bring together individuals throughout the United States with first-hand expert knowledge on handling this delicate issue in an agnostic manner.

While the L.E.A.D. organization is opposed to legalization of any psychoactive substance, we must ensure that the needs and issues facing our organization are addressed. We are proud to be the only law enforcement focused organization in the United States offering proven effect effective K-12 ATOD(alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) curricula which include specific evidence-based marijuana prevention education.

Various opportunities to attend the whole conference or a daily rate will be offered. Special pricing for L.E.A.D. Instructors and Officers will create a unique opportunity to serve the L.E.A.D. family.

Stay tuned for more details!

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