Nutley Sixth Grade Students Love L.E.A.D. and Want More

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During the first annual picnic celebration 6-9-2017 for Nutley sixth graders completing the Law Enforcement Against Drugs program, Katlyn, Julianne and Angelica all agreed: “We want more L.E.A.D. classes.” The students loved that the classes they attended once a month this school year ‘prepared us for the real world, where people will offer you bad things, like drugs.’

One of the strategies they were taught by their ‘favorite instructor’ Officer Tom Schenke is called ‘Broken Record’. When offered drugs students are taught to say “No. No. No. No. No. No. No…”

The program replaces the D.A.R.E program previously offered in the Nutley school district. Mrs. Maher, a 6th grade teacher at Washington said it is ‘a great program for the kids’.

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