Appointment of Drug and Violence Policy Advisory Board Chairperson

We are proud to announce that the Board of Directors have appointed Dr. Zili Sloboda, SC.D. (Formerly Amsel) as Chairperson of the L.E.A.D. Drug and Violence Policy Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors of L.E.A.D. has established the Drug and Violence Policy Advisory Board (the DVP Advisory Board) to provide independent assistance to the Board of Directors in the oversight of:

  • Drug and Violence issues in communities
  • Address Trends and Epidemics in Society
  • Recommendations for Drug and Violence Prevention Initiatives to address needs
  • Review Drug and Violence goals of the organization

Dr. Sloboda is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of Drug and Violence Prevention Research. She currently serves as President of Applied Prevention Science Inc. based out of Ohio. Her recent projects include the coordination of the development of the Universal Prevention Curriculum designed to train prevention coordinators and prevention implementers. This work is being done in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State and the Colombo Plan International Centre for Certification and Education. The foundation of the curricula is prevention science and its application to evidence-based prevention interventions and policies. “Dr. Sloboda is the utmost authority in our field and we are honored to have her lead this prestigious Board” states Nicholas R. De Mauro, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of L.E.A.D..

Dr Sloboda has an extensive background spanning many years of research and service including being the Past Director, Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse- NIDA. , and Co-founder and Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Health and Social Policy at the University of Akron. In addition to her extensive experience, she has lectured throughout the world and has participated on many Committees/Advisory Groups. Dr. Sloboda just received the EUSPR Award, European Union Society for Prevention Research and was one of the founders of the US Society for Prevention Research where she also served as President. Dr. Sloboda has published over 130 Publications and is truly a leader in the field of substance use epidemiology and prevention.

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